Mental health

The subject of mental health is very sensitive – people are happy to admit that they have pain in their joints, heart or stomach, but are reluctant to talk about mental, emotional or cognitive problems. For centuries, doctors did not understand them, and there was a tendency to push these issues beyond the medical treatment boundaries.

In recent decades, there has been a growing interest about mental disorders in health sector, but the doctors are still reluctant to talk about mental health. This is probably due to the fact that for centuries, due to the low level of knowledge, the representatives of official medicine developed useless, even cruel methods for treatment of mental disorders, which frightened the patient since such treatment did not help, but caused new suffering.

The doctor – patient relationship is a cornerstone of medical practice and also of medical ethics. The therapeutic relationship between doctor and patient is a broader concept. This includes the treatment of disorders and diseases at an etiopathological level, while an emotionally supportive relationship helps the patient to maintain emotional balance and remain in a state that does not worsen.